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10896545Ian StewartLetters to a Young Mathematician (Art of Mentoring)2006-03-27pdf4/26/2017 10:14:32 PMBluestory
10896266Peter AczelNon-Well-Founded Sets (Lecture Notes)1988-05-04PDF4/26/2017 9:54:31 PMtopron
108960022erek F. Holt, Bettina Eick, Eamonn A. O'BrienHandbook of Computational Group Theory2005pdf4/26/2017 8:36:44 PMoldbook
108956710Brian H. ChirgwinCourse of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists: v. 3 (Pergamon international library)1978PDF4/26/2017 7:51:49 PMmicrobook
108956224Jean-Benoit Bost, Helmut HoferGeometry, Analysis and Probability: In Honor of Jean-Michel Bismut (Progress in Mathematics)2017-05-26PDF4/26/2017 7:49:48 PMtopron
108938220Pere AraLocal Multipliers of C*-Algebras2002-11-19PDF4/26/2017 4:57:11 PMGustavi
108933966Yuri F. BiluThe Problem of Catalan2014-10-10PDF4/26/2017 3:55:14 PMGustavi
108932546Leon A. Petrosyan and Vladimir V. MazalovRecent Advances in Game Theory and Applications: European Meeting on Game Theory, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2015, and Networking Games and Management, ... Game Theory: Foundations & Applications)2016-10-01PDF4/26/2017 3:21:27 PMGustavi
108932449Eduard FeireislMathematical Theory of Compressible Viscous Fluids: Analysis and Numerics (Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics)2016-11-30PDF4/26/2017 3:20:10 PMGustavi
108928863Richard L. WheedenHarmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and Applications: In Honor of Richard L. Wheeden (Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis)2017-02-22PDF,EPUB4/26/2017 2:02:50 PMGustavi
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