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109064353Franklin D. Jones, Paul B. SchubertEngineering Encyclopedia1963PDF4/28/2017 7:00:19 AMmicrobook
109063687Dominique FrancoisStructural Components: Mechanical Tests and Behavioral Laws (ISTE)2008-11-10PDF4/28/2017 6:35:53 AMmicrobook
109063589Kenneth BannisterEnergy Reduction Through Improved Maintenance Practices1999-01-01PDF4/28/2017 6:34:43 AMmicrobook
1090289117Roy H. BaconThe Car: Engine and Structure1972-04-06PDF4/27/2017 6:07:53 PMmicrobook
108979594V. NarayanEffective Maintenance Management2011-09-13PDF4/27/2017 7:54:31 AMmicrobook
108979492Terry WiremanDeveloping Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance Second Edition2005-01-03PDF4/27/2017 7:51:30 AMmicrobook
1089793123Edmund IsakovCutting Data for Turning of Steel2008PDF4/27/2017 7:48:31 AMmicrobook
108956487Kalyan SehanobishEngineering Plastics and Plastic Composites in Automotive Applications2009-04-08PDF4/26/2017 7:50:39 PMmicrobook
108955645John SwaffieldTransient Airflow in Building Drainage Systems2010-06-02PDF4/26/2017 7:46:49 PMmicrobook
108954583Tom DentonMotor Vehicle Engineering 2009: The UPK for NVQ Level 22002-03-21PDF4/26/2017 7:39:05 PMmicrobook
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