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7553798Bernard StieglerWhat Makes Life Worth Living: On PharmacologyPsychology6/24/2015 7:12:05 AM
75537516Peter PesicMusic and the Making of Modern ScienceMusic6/24/2015 7:08:01 AM
7553727P. D. Anthony,International Behavioural and Social Sciences Library: The Ideology of WorkSociology6/24/2015 7:05:57 AM
75462919Landmark Papers in RheumatologyLandmark Papers in RheumatologyMedicine6/22/2015 11:02:14 AM
75462811Nash LinLearn To Animate with Observation: The essential guide to creating a Life in animation using 3 levels of observation skillsGraphics6/22/2015 11:00:44 AM
7546237M. Pia ConteMicrobiologia medica. Batteriologia e virologia [Italian]Medicine6/22/2015 10:53:29 AM
7546196Angelo LavanoNeurochirurgia. Per infermieri tecnici e riabilitatori [Italian]Medicine6/22/2015 10:48:51 AM
75461124Brian ScaddanPAT: Portable Appliance Testing, 4 editionElectrical Engineering6/22/2015 10:42:35 AM
75460710Kirsty HorseyRevisiting the Regulation of Human Fertilisation and EmbryologyMedicine6/22/2015 10:38:11 AM
75460218G. B. KortenSaganaCooking6/22/2015 10:36:28 AM