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119770989Mark CobbOxford Textbook of Spirituality in Healthcare (Oxford Textbooks in Public Health)Medicine11/8/2017 7:55:08 PM
1164996801Zed A. ShawLearn More Python 3 the Hard Way: The Next Step for New Python Programmers (Zed Shaw's Hard Way Series)Programming9/11/2017 7:54:23 AM
1142766349John MorettaThe Hippies: A 1960s HistoryHistory7/19/2017 8:44:24 PM
1139889288Isam Mohammed Abdel-Magid AhmedComputer Modeling Applications for Environmental Engineers, Second Edition.Networking7/13/2017 3:58:13 PM
1086639474Nancy BeimanPrepare to Board! Creating Story and Characters for Animated Features and Shorts, 3rd editionGame Development4/22/2017 2:55:51 PM
1086635478Linda GreenwallTooth Whitening Techniques, 2nd editionMedicine4/22/2017 2:50:59 PM
998865 Meredith TaxA Road Unforeseen: Women Fight the Islamic StateNon-fiction10/25/2016 2:06:27 PM
968523716Jeanne SauvageGluten-Free Wish List: Sweet and Savory Treats You've Missed the MostCooking8/2/2016 6:29:04 AM
940337546Marcus X. SchmidSt. Petersburg MM-City [German]Travel6/8/2016 11:21:26 PM
938561625Joaquim VivesGuide to Cell Therapy GxP: Quality Standards in the Development of Cell-Based Medicines in Non-pharmaceutical EnvironmentsMedicine6/6/2016 10:39:47 AM