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492458338David L CooperriderAppreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in ChangeManagement3/2/2014 2:02:52 AM
450021072P.L. Emiliani, L. BurzagliAssistive Technology from Adapted Equipment to Inclusive EnvironmentsComputer Science7/1/2010 2:15:27 AM
170452546Jim CrossleyBritish Destroyers 1892-1918 (New Vanguard)History9/1/2011 7:43:36 AM
496856157Samir AminCapitalism in the Age of Globalization: The Management of Contemporary SocietyNon-fiction3/10/2014 5:00:54 PM
237308712Alan BrymanDisney & His WorldsArt related1/29/2012 12:50:53 PM
457478761M. LeightonMadly & the JackalFiction Other12/10/2013 12:52:31 PM
480849613Damien Alloyeau, Christine Mottet and Christian RicolleauNanoalloys: Synthesis, Structure and Properties (Engineering Materials)Chemical Engineering2/6/2014 10:53:03 AM
219156469Night Ranger, Big LifeNight Ranger - Big Life (Jap)Music12/18/2011 11:34:03 PM
39017780Mark Zuehlke, read by William DufrisOrtona: Canada's Epic World War II Battle [Audiobook]Audio Books6/13/2013 1:25:46 PM
64685594Anthony OrtonPattern In The Teaching And Learning Of Mathematics (Continuum Collection)Education11/10/2010 12:47:58 AM